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Climate change : Australia strengthens cooperation with India


PA/24/2001                                                                                19 December 2001

Climate change : Australia strengthens cooperation with India

The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Alexander Downer, has announced that Australia, in collaboration with Switzerland, would provide support for a major World Bank capacity building project in India relating to climate change.

Australia will provide approximately US$ 300,000 for a World Bank National Strategies Study in India for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The CDM is an innovative market-based mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. It will assist developing countries achieve sustainable development through cooperative projects with developed countries that tackle greenhouse gas emissions. The Study will assist the Indian Government to identify particular sectors where clean development projects may be of use in furthering India's sustainable development objectives.

This funding is part of a A$3.5million program under Australia's overseas aid program to support CDM studies in the Asia Pacific region.

Speaking at the launch of a report on Australia-India trade relations, Mr Downer said "Cooperation on climate change with India is a very good example of the breadth of our common interests. Both countries have a major stake in finding an effective way to address global issues such as climate change."

In September 2001, the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) hosted the first Australia-India Joint Workshop on CDM. This workshop attracted significant business participation from Australia. Over the past two years, Australian industry has shown increased interest in the potential for mutually beneficial commercial activities in India related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia is also collaborating with India on bilateral capacity building initiatives in the field of climate change including, an Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) project approved by the Ministry of Environment & Forests in April 2001 and a collaborative solar-power project.

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