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Australian Researchers bring ‘Science Circus’ to India

          PA/09/17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             09 June 2017

                                                                                              Australian Researchers bring ‘Science Circus’ to India

                                      Can you improve your cricket skills with physics and eggs? Can you make rockets from common household mess?


Prepare yourself for some seriously mind-bending Science Circus as two of Australia’s foremost science communicators - Dr Graham Walker and Dr Stuart Kohlhagen from the Australian National University - are heading to India on a nine-city tour starting 13 June.

Presented by the Australian High Commission, in partnership with the National Council for Science Museums (NCSM), the Science Circus duo will travel across India to conduct workshops to make science learning fun for students and teachers.

Science Circus is designed to allow students to experience and develop skills in problem solving, logic, and critical thinking using cost effective household materials.

“We’re looking forward to spreading some exciting, interactive, intriguing science right across India,” said Dr Graham Walker.

"The shows have everything from vacuum cleaner bazookas to liquid nitrogen powered kangaroos - we'll even reveal some physics secrets of how Australian cricketers practice! We’ll also be challenging the audience in puzzles and feats of the mind to develop thinking skills and teamwork,” he added.

                                                                            Science Circus India Tour ( **Entry is free for all workshops**)




13 June

9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm

Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, Bengaluru

14 June

9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm

Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, Chennai

15 June

9am, 10.30am, 12noon

Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

16 June

9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm

Raman Science Centre, Nagpur

17 June

10am, 12noon


Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, S.P Pune University Campus


Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, Dr. Homi Bhabha Rd. Pashan, Pune

18 June

10.30am, 12noon

Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Kurukshetra

20 June

9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm

Regional Science City, Lucknow

21 June

9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm

Science City, Kolkata

22 June


Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata

23 June

9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm

Regional Science City, Guwahati