Australian High Commission
New Delhi
India, Bhutan


DIBP service standards and current New Delhi average processing times

Temporary residence

Visa DIBP Global Service Standard Current New Delhi average processing time*
Visitors 1 month 15 working days*
Transit 3 working days 3 working days
Medical Treatment 1 month 1 month
Business Visitors 1 month 15 working days
Students** Assessment Level 3 & 4 - 90 days
Assessment Level 2 - 21 days
Processing times vary, click here for latest information.
Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) 1 month 5 working days
Other Sponsored Temporary Residents 3 months 4-6 weeks
Returning Residents 2 weeks 2 weeks
New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship 3 months 5 months***

* Where a Visitor Visa applicant requires a medical examination, processing times may vary significantly and may take a minimum of 6 weeks. For more information on circumstances requiring a medical examination.

** Please note: Processing of subsequent entry student dependent applications has been impacted by the high number of student visa applications in 2015 as well as the natural disasters in Nepal. As we focus on processing primary student applications so that they can reach their courses on time, our service levels to process subsequent entry student applications have increased to approximately 8 months.

***Due to increased volumes in this caseload, processing delays are currently being experienced.

See: Health Requirements

Permanent residence

Visa DIBP Global Service Standard

Current New Delhi average processing time

Partner Migration
(subclass 300, 309, 100).  
12 months (subclass 300, 309)
8 months (subclass 100)

11 months

See: Family Migration Processing Times  for additional information.              

Other Family Migration
(subclass 114, 115, 116)
  Cap and Queue

See: Other Family Cap and Queue for the latest information 
Child Migration
(subclass 101, 102, 445, 117)
14 months 12 months
Refugees 12 months


9-12 months



Visa DIBP Global Service Standard Current New Delhi average processing time
Citizenship by Descent 1 month 15-20 working days


Additional Information about Processing Times 

The DIBP global service standards apply across all visa offices throughout DIBP's service delivery network.  For more information about DIBP's global service standards, see: Visa Processing Times Service Standards & Citizenship Processing Times Service Standards

The current New Delhi average processing times represent the time taken by the DIBP New Delhi office to process different types of applications. This information is updated quarterly. While we always aim to exceed the global service standards, applicants for visas should allow adequate time for visas to be processed, noting the global service standards and the below information:

  • The service standards are indicative only. Individual cases may be decided in longer or shorter periods than the service standard, depending on a range of factors, individual circumstances and the complexity of each case.
  • The service standards apply to visa applications lodged with complete documentation. You can expect your application to take longer than the service standard if it was lodged without all the required documentation.

 Important information - child visa applications

The visa office at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi has the responsibility to ensure that the number of visas granted each financial year (1 July to 30 June) is in line with planning levels set by the Australian Government.

Prospective parents who are considering returning from Australia to India for the birth of a child should be aware that visa applications will take approximately 14 months to finalise.

Prospective parents are advised that children born in Australia to Australian Permanent Residents will generally not need not need to apply for a Child visa, as they are eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.